Info for Arrival, Parking, and Drop-Off Area

For full details on the procedure for arrival at San Francisco Yacht Club, read on:


The first 25 that register for the Easom Founders/Pre-Worlds may arrive by land on September 11, 2017 or later.  All others participating in the Easom Founders/Pre-Worlds will need to stage elsewhere, but are welcome in The SFYC Harbor.  All others can arrive by land at The SFYC on September 18, 2017 or later.  Those arriving prematurely will be turned away.  Upon arrival, pull vehicles/boats/trailers as far south as possible, while maintaining the fire lane.  Approximately one hour will be given to disconnect trailers and transfer gear before tow vehicles will be required to leave the lot and park off-site.


Trailers will be kept at The SFYC parking lot for the regatta, but vehicles will be required to park off-site.  One off-site parking pass will be provided to each competitor.  The off-site parking pass will be issued at check-in.  Check-in will be located in the Eldridge Room which is upstairs of the Sailing Center.  The lot is located on Tiburon Blvd near the intersection of Beach Road.  The lot is just northwest of the CVS pharmacy and just east of the Chase Bank. The green area on the map indicates where regatta cars may be parked. FULL DOCUMENT WITH MAP Cars parked overnight will be towed. The walk typically takes 5-10 minutes.  Much of the parking near The SFYC has a 2-hour time limit.

Drop-Off Area

There will be a drop-off area located west of The SFYC main entrance and across from the park-like turning circle.  This area can be used to drop-off/pick-up gear and passengers.  There is a nearby gate for entering The SFYC with gear.